2020 - HD Mobile Phone Screen Amplifier


If you often watch videos and movies and are tired uncomfortable staring at a small screen, the Thin Foldable Mobile Phone Amplifier is perfect for you!

😱No battery needed, so you never have to worry about recharging your screen magnifier.πŸ‘ˆ

- Dynamic and durable 3D screen amplifier
- It improves the picture quality and 3D effect, using HD zoom optical technology.
- Capable of magnifying the phone screen 3-4 times


- Stable phone holder: The silicone pad can not only prevent the phone slipping problem but also protect your phone form scratches.
​- 12inch amplification function: The phone screen amplifier with 12inch gets bigger screen for better watching experience.
​- Foot Bracket: The phone screen amplifier with foot bracket can rise the phone screen amplifier for better viewing angle.
​- Foldable structure: The phone screen amplifier can be folded into super thin shape, which is compact and convenient to carry out.
​- Scope of application: The phone screen amplifier is widely suitable for living room, bedroom, office, travel, train and so on.



- Type: phone screen amplifier
- Quantity: 1pc
- Material: acrylic + ABS plastic
- Color: Black Available
- Size: 12 inches
- Net weight: 350g/12.35oz

Β Package:

1/3/5* phone screen amplifier

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Available Customer Service 6 days a Week.
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