Vivid™ Toilet Nightlight


Our Vivid™ Toilet Nightlight will transform ANY toilet into a nightlight in seconds. No more missing your target or stumbling around in the dark, solves all your night time bathroom problems and more!

Benefits Using Vivid™ Toilet Nightlight

✅ SMART MOTION ACTIVATED: Only lights up when you walk into the bathroom at night to work for just what you need.

 AMAZING FOR KIDS: Perfect for the little ones who are toilet trained but might be reluctant to relieve themselves because of fear of the dark!

 EASY SETUP: Snaps onto the side of the toilet for simple installation and use.

 MYRIAD OF COLORS: With 8 colors to choose from, it can be as fun as you make it! Colors will cycle or can be set to different colors.

 TWO DIFFERENT LIGHT MODES: Select the button on the front to choose a color or select again to let them rotate.


    No more stumbling around in the dark! No more messy cleanups!😁



    WHAT OTHERS SAY ABOUT Vivid™ Toilet Nightlight

    These slowly fade to the next color. Much better then the ones that just hop to the next color. Good to also stick around the house underneath a table perhaps. Kudos to them!  - Ben

    That's exactly what I wanted. For now, it works very well... and it's really very convenient. 100% recommend seller. - Amelia

    Works perfectly, colors change. Reacts to the light, if you turn on the lighting in the toilet, the backlight goes out. I like it, super. - Sophia

    This is an amazing product! The product is cheap but the quality is amazing. I recommend it for everyone! Thanks seller. I'm very satisfied. It works great. - Greg


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    Available Customer Service 6 days a Week.
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