Anti-Aging Jade Roller

Used for centuries by women to help increase circulation to the skin, our rose jade roller promotes a naturally rosy luminosity.

Like a massage for your face, our gem of a roller makes the perfect self-care ritual for super-relaxed and refreshed skin.


  • Anti Aging

Uncover your natural radiance by reducing fine wrinkle lines and dark circles under the eyes. 

  • Better Skin

Reduce signs of puffiness, while delivering a cooling sensation that tightens the appearance of pores.

  • Face Sculpting

Tighten, tone and promote lymphatic drainage for more beautiful skin.

  • Better Absorption

Massages serums and moisturizers into the skin more deeply and slowly, helping to boost their effectiveness.

  • Gorgeous Handle

Our authentic jade, rose pink rollers are smooth, stylish and silent.


Size: 4*14.5*5.5CM

Color: Rose Pink


1x Anti-Aging Jade Roller

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