Cleansing Duo Face Brush


A facial cleansing brush can be a major bonus to your skincare routine—without adding on any extra time at that.

While cleansing your skin with your hands may be too gentle and a washcloth can be too rough, cleansing brushes create the perfect lather to help clear your skin of dirt, oil, and makeup, without overdoing it.


  • Unique Shape

Its nylon bristles are different lengths to form a soothing, wave-like texture.

  • Soft Bristles

Ultra soft bristles to massage and exfoliate the skin without irritating it.

  • Silicone Bristles

Use the soft bristles to work your cleanser into a nice lather then flip to the other side and use the silicone head to exfoliate.

  • Perfect Handle

An ergonomic, curved handle allows users to grip without slip, and breeze over natural facial contours. 

  • Skin Revitalizing

allows for gentle facial massage (great for microcirculation) and overall skin vitality-meets-radiance.


Directions: Cleanse your face with the brush using circular motions with the soft bristles and massage needed areas with the silicone bristles. 

Tip: After each use, rinse and wash the brush with mild soap and allow it to air dry.


1x Cleansing Duo Face Brush

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