Invisible Ear Lobe Support Patches - HOT SALE

Gives your ears a little support yet powerful support!
Our Invisible Ear Lobe Support Patches are the perfect remedy to take the weight of heavy pierced earrings off of you, and erase the look of torn, damaged and stretched earlobes instantly.


Simply wear this secure clear adhesive patch at the back of the ear lobe, it enables you to wear heavy earrings for a longer period of time without any pain & harm to your earlobes, even if you're with torn piercings or cut earlobe.

Light and flexible, these transparent patches are silicon based and absolutely safehypoallergenic even for sensitive skin, which help prevent tears from weight of earrings and no more sliding down of earrings.


  • ✅ Earrings Lift:
    A comfortable way to enhance the beauty of your earrings’ full display. If your earlobe is cut, it will also keep the earrings upright & not let it fall down.
  • ✅ Reduce Stretch:
    Picks up 60 to 70 % weight of the earring, it's a perfect solution to avoid heavy earrings tearing and stretching your earlobes.

  • ✅ Repair Earlobe:
    Helps to repair the appearance of torn, damaged and stretched earlobes instantly! 

  • ✅ Easy To Wear: 
    Simply stick one patch behind your earlobe and put the earring from front of the earlobe. The earring will pierce through the patch.

  • ✅ Invisible Patch:
    To be placed at the back of the ears, will not affect the original design of the earrings.

  • ✅ Hypoallergenic & Safe:
    Made of premium silicon, with self sticking medical adhesive on one side, it is absolutely safe and hypoallergenic even for sensitive skin.


  1. Apply the support patch to back of ear lobe, with sticky side facing in towards the ear covering hole. Press firmly to secure ear.
  2. Next, insert earring post through hole and, with thumb holding support patch, gently push the post through patch. 
  3. If earring hole is a slit, insert post at top of slit where hole was originally pierced. Affix earring backing. 
  4. You're good to go!


  • Material: Silicon
  • Color: Transparent 


  • 30 pairs x Invisible Ear Lobe Support Patches

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