ShapeUp™ Arm Carving Sleeves


Shape Up Your Arms Every Sec.

Have your arms been sagging and its tone does not look impressive anymore? It’s time to use the ShapeUp™ Arm Carving Sleeves and get back to your younger shape!

The ShapeUp™ Arm Carving Sleeves is designed extra tight for advanced arm compression. It promotes fat burning, helps tone up loose and sagging skin on your arm while shaping your biceps. Use it while exercising and be comfortable even with the compression on.


  • Shapes and Tones Arms:
    Tones up loose and sagging skin as it tightens and firms cellulite.

  • Fat Burning:
    Burns arm fat to reshape arms and remove the sagginess.
  • Better Blood Circulation:
    Promotes arm blood circulation as it soothes tired muscles.

  • Anti-Curl Edges:
    Lazer cut edges do not easily slip down so you can wear it while exercising. 
  • Breathable Fabric:
    Made of breathable material that will make airflow still possible within the compression.


  • Materials: Nylon
  • Color: Black, Nude


  • 1 Pair x ShapeUp™ Arm Carving Sleeves

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