Stain Resistant Shower Rug


Stain Resistant Shower Rug works two-in-one, it works as a scrubber for your feet and also works as a mat for your tub or bathroom.

Stain Resistant Shower Rug also prevents you from slipping in the shower room and removes your feets' dead skin and calluses. Making your shower experience cozy and refreshing. Always makes your feet clean.

LOOFAH RUG: Stain Resistant Shower Rug has a special open-weave texture to massage your feet and helps to remove dried skin on your soles.


FAST DRYING RUG: Water flows right through the rug, flows fast and dries quickly. The special technique process that makes it clean all the time.

SECURE GRIP: The Stain Resistant Shower Rug is equipped with suction cups that have superior slip-resistant ability to prevent unwanted slips and falls. It makes the shower much safer.

STAIN RESISTANT: Stain Resistant Shower Rug is made of stain-resistant materials that will never stain even if you put mud, wine, or grime. It also will not fade even if you put Bleach on it. 

SPACE SAVING: When not in use or after a shower, you can easily stick it on the wall for drying and space-saving with built-in suctions.


  • Keeps feet clean and soft.
  • Designed to stay in place, with clear suction cups for a secure grip.
  • Mould & Stain Resistant, Always Clean.
  • Water drains through the mat so it dries quickly and doesn't get musty.

Size: 70 cm x 40 cm
Color: White 


1X Stain Resistant Shower Rug 

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