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GetzorĀ® FFP2/KN95 Face Mask with exhalation valve Color White

šŸ’šĀ Work as Active Natural Shield

Against any pollutant risk of infection and disease.

šŸ’šHypoallergenic High Filtration Technology

High filtration technology and 5-Layer Activated carbon filter (PM2.5) which capable of filtering out harmful particles

šŸ’šSecure Fit and Avoid Lens Fogging

This mask has anĀ adjustable nose clip that helps to ensureĀ 360 degrees completely seal andĀ secure fit to face perfectlyĀ toĀ avoid lens fogging.Ā TheĀ earloop designĀ fits all sizesĀ andĀ contour mouth designĀ givesĀ anĀ effective seal from the outside airĀ which canĀ perfect fit for all-day comfort.

This mask can beĀ used repeatedly and able toĀ 
wash off easily withĀ hands.

"It is recommended to change Mask every 24 hours and always add disinfectantĀ (spray alcohol) after using them,Ā as it is also recommended to have more than 1 mask available for daily usage"


Material:Ā Polyurethane
Measurement:Ā 28.5cm x 13.5cm.

Package Included:

1 x The Maskā„¢Ā RANDOM COLOR

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